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Hello, my name is “NONG”.I am an administrative site of Fxtradingcorpschool.com. I have been working behind the scenes of forex and binary options markets for over 5 years. I also have a passive income of more than 100,000 baht per month. Today I find a new tool which will help you to earn not less than me.

The importantly thing is, it is very easy! You just open your heart and dare then you will be surprised! I'm confident that tomorrow, the passive income, richness and all your dreams will definitely open the door to you.

To be rich with the passive income, you need to have better and superiority tools which only few people are known. The good news is, I already found it. The tool that will help us make our dreams come true is called arbitrage (read as A-BIT-THAD).

What is “Arbitrage”(read as A-BIT-THAD)?.

The first question that I believe you must certainly doubt is that ,what is arbitrage? If you are looking this word in the internet, for sure, will be more confused. In fact, the Arbitrage has a very simple meaning and if you understand it, it will make a huge profit for you!

Arbitrage means the strategy to sell assets from the market A to the market B, with the price of assets in the market A being cheaper than the assets in market B. As a result, the difference of pricing in the market, can make a profit for us!

It is very wonderful. Let's think about it, you just take the assets that are traded in the A market, which has a cheaper price in the market B, transfer that asset and then sell it in the B market. Just this ,you are now profitable without any risk and do not care whether the market will be up or down.

For example, you bought a bitcoin coin from the Binance.com market for 100,000 baht. But if you look at the bx.in.th market, there is a bitcoin coin trading at a price of 110,000 baht. Our duty is just hurried to buy Bitcoin coins in the first market and bring them to sell in the bx.in.th market. Then you will get immediate profit of 10,000 baht.

Imagine that if we can do arbitrage several times a day , profit will be shown as table below ;

You can see the picture, right? Making arbitrage is the ultimate strategy to make a profit and without financial risk. Especially if we apply the Arbitrate system into the Crypto-Currency market, which has more than 16,125 markets that support coins trading.

Do you want to try it by yourself? I have a toy, below are the real-time tables for price of cryptocurrencies that can do arbitrage right now !!! It may look a little confused and may take time, but it can be done immediately

The chart below is a real-time of arbitrage value that you can take to speculate immediately!

คุณสามารถดูโปรแกรมจับคู่ตลาด เพื่อได้กำไร arbitrage เป็น % แบบเรียลทามได้ที่นี่

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Okay, now you will learn the AI ​​arbitrage tool, which makes that complicated process become automatic or we can call it “AUTO”. Also, there are many companies which has a service of AI ​​arbitrage.

When you become familiar with AI arbitrage, in the future I will tell you about others AI. But at this moment, I think we can't deny that the most popular AI belongs to South Korea company which is name “Fxtradingcorp”. So that, before we learn to rent bots and making money from machine! We should start with this company.


2. Get to know “FXtrading corporation”

There are 3 people who are the pioneer of the world's first AI Robot arbitrage program and we called them “co-founder” which consist of:

오 영민 (Young Min Oh)

Han 하나 (Hanna Kim)

박 준 (Joon Park)

By establishing a FXtradingcrop company in South Korea and then collected Brazilian programmers, by using their private funds to hire forex traders in cryptocurrency market who have experience more than 15 years of, in totaling 23 people

ทีม Cp founder ของ FXtradingcorp.

In order to design “AI robot arbitrate” which is automatic program that can find and get cryptocurrency to make profits. By this arbitrage system can make an average profit of 1 - 2.5% per day

ทีมงานและสมาชิกร่วมกันฉลองความสำเร็จในการสร้างโปรแกรม AI Arbitrage

The main feature of “AI robot arbitrate” is, be able to match the pair of cryptocurrencies in the different markets and make profits immediately.


By the average profit of this program is 1 - 2.5% per day.


Think about it, if you can own this program and use the funds to let AI ROBOT run in the system. Assuming that, if your capital is 100,000 baht, you will receive an average profit of 1 - 2.5% or 1,000 - 2,500 baht a day!!!!


You do not have to invite anyone, Do it alone and rich by yourself.


And!!! I have a good news!!!

Fxtradingcorp is open to everyone who are interested in “AI robot arbitrate” program, can rent a program for a period of 200 days per investment of buying a “Package sharing”. Which that means, when the system pays the dividend per day in total 200 days or get a 400% cumulative profit then the system will stop working. After that, you can buy a “Package sharing” again to keep the system running or you can rent many of it at the same time.

How AI Robot Arbitrage Works.

The AI Robot Arbitrate system will trade cryptocurrency in daily, between Monday-Friday , and generate money to the members who buy sharing. However on Saturday and Sunday trading will generate income to the trading company. So that , the average return that members will receive daily is ;


ROI 1-2.5% / per (Capital + profit)

When trading 200 days or the system can make 400% profit, the sharing lease will be terminated immediately. A sharing system, you don't need to invite anyone, you do it alone and get the income. Therefore, you can choose the actual income-earning model per day, such as

Invest 100 USD : Estimated income is 400 USD.

Invest 300 USD : Estimated income is 500 USD.

Invest 500 USD : Estimated income is 2,000 USD.

Invest 1,000 USD : Estimated income is 4,000 USD.

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Knowing about “Mr. Philip Han” who have an income from FXTradingcorp $ 120,000 per day. If he can do , you also can do it.

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Image of stability “fxtradingcorp” from members around the world!


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Now you come to the important step. By reading the message until this point ,that means you are interested in creating a cash production machine with “Fxtrading:”, so don't wait! Don't worry about anything.

Start at the first step by apply the member, you do not have to pay any expenses at all. Apply for free! And application via the website “FXtradingcorpschool.com” will give you more privileges than anywhere else!

What is the special privilege? I will explain to you later at the bottom of the website. Now you have to apply for membership first! So, do it! Read how to apply and do it.


The process of applying for rental AI Robot Arbitrage is mentioned as follows:

1. Click here to apply a membership.

2. After clicking , if you found the web page look like below please press the  box that says I am not a robot before proceeding.

3.Fill in the information completely as specified.

4. After pressing the “SIGN UP” button, the system will send an email to let you activate the email again. So, let’s go to the email that you fill out and clicking the email with the title "FXTRADING - Email confirmation"

5. Click as the picture.

6. Once the Activate has been completed, check your email again to get an email confirmation of subscription as picture below.

7.When you completely applied for membership Fxtradingcorp,in the next step is you should subscribe to the Bx website for use in buying bitcoin and transferred into the system of Fxtradingcorp.


Steps to be prepare before renting “Bot AI Arbitrage”.

1. Before renting a BOT, you should have enough Bitcoin in the BX.in.th website for purchasing the number of Bot that you want. So that , when you select the package and click CREATE button ,you will be able to transfer bitcoin for renting Bot without any problems occurred.  For details of each BOT is shown as below.

2. It can be seen that each BOT has an average of withdraw waiting unequally. Because FXtradingcorp system determines whether to withdraw money only if the account balance is at least $ 50. So if you need money quickly or withdrawing money every day ,the BOT that you should buy is BOT5000 to BOT50000.

3. Whenever you need to purchase a BOT, you have to prepare the Bitcoin in the BX and open the BX page ready to transfer to FXtradingcorp. So that, you can pay for renting BOT immediately without any problems during the transfer process.

4. Keep in mind that the BOT is only 200 days old or if you receive more than 400% returns, BOT will stop working immediately. In reality, the average daily return is usually 1.5%, so it will not exceed 400% for sure.

Okay, I think you are now ready for a BOT rental, so please study the procedure in the order below :

BOT rental procedure in the above package is as follows ;

1.Login to BX and proceed to deposit money to cover the Bot package that you want to buy. For example ,I intend to buy BOT300 so I will deposited 12,000 baht which Bx requires me to transfer money 12,001 baht.

2. When transferring money to Kbank account of Bx ,you have to notify us as picture below.

3. Waiting to receive an email informing that the amount of 12,001 baht has already been entered the Bx account then will proceed to the next step.

4.Proceed to buy bitcoin at Bx with the amount of 12,001 baht.

5. After pressing the “Create Order” button, you will get the bitcoin of 0.10066121 BTC which is ready for the transfer into FXtradingcorp to buy BOT300.

6. In the mean time, let you log in to Fxtradingcorp and come to the Dashboard page (Don't forget to hold the Dashboard page).

7. On the Dashboard page, select "Plans".

8. Choose the package that we want which there are packages consist of;

9. Click the “Create” button.

10. Follow the image below.

11. Follow the image below.

Beware! At this stage, check it carefully! Do you pay a fee of BX in total 0.0005 BTC as well? If there is a fee when you transfer BTC, you must always plus the 0.0005 BTC, otherwise the balance will not be complete and causing problems.

12.When the menu is look like the picture below , you have to click on Email to confirm that bitcoin will be transferred to Fxtradingcorp.

13 .Click on the link below to confirm the withdrawal.

14.When transfer money is completed, the system on the FXtradinfcorp page will be posted “Pending” status. When this happens, you do not to do anything just waiting until the money enters the system at Fxtradingcorp.


15 . Wait a little, there will be a letter in the “FXTRADING-Payment accept” topic, meaning that the transfer of rental Bot300 is complete. After this , you just waiting to receive money every day in total 200 days

After renting a bot, process of creating Money Machine is completed. From now on, 200 days, you will stop and only wait to receive dividends from the system!

So, renting bots , do not rent a small bots such as BOT100 - BOT500 because it's a waste of your time to make a profit. Personally, I recommend BOT1000 onwards because it is a bot that can make an average profit of 30 $ per day or 1,000 baht!

That mean ,you almost don't have to work. If you study the profitability of each bot, you will find that BOT50,000 is the most powerful bots to make money for you by making around 15,000 - 17,000 baht per day!

With these numbers, if you just started renting bots and it is a small Bot ,you can change it into a big bot without waiting the old Bot is expired!

The more time you spend for deciding to rent a bot, your profit will be slow. So don't wait! Time is costly to succeed. Act immediately. Rent Bots or upgrade the best Bots for you!


If you rent BOT50,000, you will receive a dividend around 15,000 - 17,500 baht per day.


Do you want more money?


If you like and fall in love with BOT, you can recommend it to others.


Which will make you earn more passive income!


You will have a daily dividend of more than 17,500 baht! Maybe a million.


For you, which may require more than 17,500 baht per day, you can create FXtrading as your own business with a simple principle that is present these BOTs for them and rent bots the same way as you do!

Just like this, you will have more passive income and probably get more until receiving a dividend of not less than 1 million baht a day! And most importantly, you can do it for sure.


I have good news!


If you rent a Bot with the team "goorich999999" from bots300 up!


You will be invited to our secret classroom!


The classroom is name “ClassROOM STAR”.


Which will have many tools that can make you become a millionaire!


Click the clip to watch inside the classroom!


To enter the classroom, the condition is to rent a Bot with the “goorich999999” team from bots 300 up. Then click here to report the right to enter the classroom.


Only waiting for 24 hours!


Then you will get the right to access classroom immediately!


Now comes to the last point , we may not know each other a lot. But you read my message until now, let me know that you are interested in AI Arbitrage tools and want to earn extra money more than what you have currently.

I know that sometimes you have hesitation. Same as me and everyone is not confident and hesitant, but letting the opportunity pass without doing anything, it’s always cost! As of today, renting Bots may be the best turning point of your life.

But in the future, it may not be possible! No one knows. I don't know. So if you are ready and need more information, I encourage you to download the e-book below "Stop the poverty that chases you". It helps a lot. And I can write a letter to you too

Don't let the opportunity pass. Do not close this website by thinking that it is just a website that has created. In fact ,I actually want to communicate to you and when you fill in the email below ,we will be get closer, of course!

Finally, I wish your mind will be strong and great like a mountain. May you overcome the wall of poverty that created in your mind! And walk like a winner to the side of success in the next second!

I will stand here until meet you on new financial success way ,on the opportunity of life, on financial and time freedom that you will receive tomorrow, you just decide it!

See you later.

"admin NONG"

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